Helping the Hotties

After receiving an unexpected phone call, you find yourself in a summer camp, surrounded by insanely hot women. Unfortunately, it’s not the summer vacation you’ve imagined. Trying to respect the guidelines, but also have some fun, leads you to all sorts of unpredictable situations. Enter Helping The Hotties - a unique visual novel filled with humor, exciting secrets, and spicy romance!

Lewd Island

After a plane crash, you and a female passenger find yourselves on an abandoned island. Combining your resourcefulness and wit, you survive until rescue comes. Once saved, you start to realize the people who saved you aren’t what they seem. Danger lurks around as you investigate the yacht and its crew.

Hello! We are xRed Games and we are the creators of Lewd Island and Helping The Hotties - adult visual novels. We’re a small game development studio, striving for excellence. Our approach to making games is pretty straight-forward - dare to dream big and don’t be afraid of challenges. Our team is a group of very talented and different individuals who are passionate about their work. Communication, responsibility, creativity, patience and teamwork are core values of our team. Join us in our journey to bring you the best games possible. Your support is an inspiration for us to do even better.